Tuesday, April 30, 2013


"Who am I to have your ear whenever I call Your name?"

I've made a personal commitment to make sure I post a blog at least once a month and it being the last day of April I can't break that commitment. lol  My cousin sent this song to me a few months ago and it truly blessed me.  I'd give a little inspirational message with this, but the lyrics really speak for itself.  I hope this song blesses you as much as it blessed me....and if anything, I hope it makes you think....enjoy.

"Why" by Jonathan McReynolds 

Who am I to have your ear 
when-ever I call your name 
And who I to be forgiven 
when certain things just don't change. 
And I haven't done a thing to 
deserve your favor and your grace. 
After all the hurt I've cause you 
Lord I must say you got me wondering 

Why oh why x4 

Said you would save me than I looked at you 
and laughed in your face 
Said you would heal me and than I turned away 
and treated you like you were fake 
In spite of me not being worthy 
you still giving new mercy's 
Day after day 
and chance after chance 
you never throw me away 
So you got me wondering 

Why oh why x4 

I know the word 
and the word is love 
and it's sent from up above 
something I'm not worthy of 

I know the who and the is you 
your alpha and omega 
your daddy and your savior 

I now the when and it's over and over again 
you prove to be my friend 
from the morning to PM 

And I don't have a spectacular bone in my body 
but you love anyway 
so father I just want to say 

Thank You (continuous) 

Who am I to have your ear 
when-ever I call...